News Creative begins as a multimedia reporting project with the aim to capture the multitudinous fields of art and culture.  With so many pressing topics, from international relations to economics, to remain current with in our society, why perhaps should we invest valuable time to catch up on news of the arts?

I believe the answer lies within the question itself.

The influx of information from all of the events of the world is increasingly at our fingertips. Artists are using their media of song, drama, literature, and art to convey messages that break the monotony. It is through this media that we are reminded of the human ability to create, empathize, and connect, allowing us to receive the social, political, and cultural ideas of others with openness and universality.

The objective of News Creative is to follow the efforts and activities of artists to provide a streamlined account of news in the arts community.

Meet the Writer


Rachel Gadra is a fourth-year student at the University of Georgia. She is pursuing dual degrees in journalism and English, and a minor degree in music. It is through her reporting on the arts that allows her to combine a passion for the literary and musical fields.

For more information, please visit rachelgadra.com.