The Art Beat: “Healing Harmonies- 2017 Music Therapy Musicale”

In the first episode of News Creative’s podcast series, The Art Beat, Rachel Gadra follows the music therapy department at the University of Georgia as it prepares to host the 2017 Annual Music Therapy Musicale.

For News Creative, this is Rachel Gadra.  Welcome to The Art Beat.

The arts are often looked to for healing measures.  Here at the University of Georgia, a select group of students are studying the curative effects of music.  In this episode of The Art Beat, I followed the music therapy department as they put on their annual Music Therapy Musicale.


On the eve of February 28, the halls of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music resounded with joyful noise.

After 3 months of preparation, the 23 students of the Music Therapy Student Association displayed an interactive, energetic sampler of music therapy techniques to showcase their musicianship and healthcare skills.

(“Sarah, who’s your friend?”
“Abby’s your friend! Alright, let’s sing about how you have a friend in Abby…”)

As members of the music therapy department, these students are training to become certified health professionals that use music to treat the needs of others.

President of the MTSA at UGA, Bonnie Houpt organized the recital, with her end goal being to educate the community on what music therapy is all about.

“Music therapy is using music to achieve a nonmusical goal, from like improving cognitive impairment or physical functioning, behavioral kind of aspects, and that’s what kind of makes the field interesting and fun- there’re a whole lot of ways you can go with it and a lot of populations you can help.”

Sarah Deal, a second year music therapy major, shares what she is most looking forward to for this year’s musicale:
“I’m just excited about getting our audience excited, you know, spread the word about how powerful music can be.”

This year, the show is modeled after the formula used in creating actual therapy sessions, and it includes a dancing warmup, a name-that-tune audience battle, and a therapy dog named Angel.

(“Wow! I feel good…”)

The students say their hope is to have audience members leave feeling uplifted, relaxed, and excited about the work of music therapists everywhere.

This has been Rachel Gadra with The Art Beat.

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